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Lake Forest Divorce Lawyer Amy Neshanian provides expert legal representation while helping clients resolve all divorce and divorce-related issues. As a California Certified Specialist in Family Law matters, Ms. Neshanian is an experienced negotiator and compassionate family law attorney who works with clients in Lake Forest and in communities throughout Orange County.The Neshanian Law Firm of Eric and Amy Neshanian

If you believe that divorce will occur in your life, contact our office today. Divorce Attorney Amy Neshanian understands the many ways your life will change, and she is prepared to provide skilled advice and counsel to help you through the entire process.

As you may be feeling fearful of an uncertain future, Ms. Neshanian will ensure you are thoroughly informed of the benefits and drawbacks of every decision. In this way, Lake Forest Divorce Lawyer Amy Neshanian helps clients make informed choices regarding division of marital property, child support or custody matters, spousal support, child visitation, and other divorce-related matters.

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Divorce Lawyer Resolving Issues in Lake Forest, CA

Because California offers “no-fault” divorce, the marriage may be dissolved without a reason or proof that divorce is necessary. Couples often cite “irreconcilable differences.” The divorce can even happen with consent of only one of the parties.

Lake Forest Divorce Attorney Amy is dedicated to representing your interests and obtaining the best possible outcome. She works diligently toward an effective, efficient solution through negotiation or divorce mediation. However, when good faith settlement talks are not productive, she is prepared to fight for your rights in court. She has extensive experience handling matters involving hidden assets, domestic violence, and with uncooperative spouses.

As a Certified Specialist in Family Law Matters, Divorce Attorney Amy Neshanian represents clients in many types of divorce situations, including:

Your situation may qualify for an annulment  if certain conditions are present. For same sex couples who are in a domestic partnership and are also seeking divorce, the domestic partnership must first be dissolved before the divorce can proceed.

Whether you are looking for an annulment, dissolution of domestic partnership, or divorce, one of the parties must have been a California resident for a minimum of six months before the action can be filed.

Family Law Issues in Divorce

When a couple parts ways, almost every aspect of their lives may be affected. When children are involved, parents must make several decisions about the child’s future, including the living arrangements, financial support, and an effective visitation schedule with the non-custodial parent. Although the family law court makes the final determination on these matters, parents are able to have their interests represented by a family law lawyer.

Lake Forest Divorce Attorney Amy Neshanian handles family law matters which arise during divorce. She provides caring representation while advocating for your interests in a wide range of practice areas, including:

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The Neshanian Law Firm, Inc. only handles divorce and family law matters. Divorce Attorney Amy Neshanian guides clients with compassion and skilled legal services to ensure each client the opportunity for the best outcome possible.

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