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Irvine Child Support Lawyer Amy Neshanian

Welcome to The Neshanian Law Firm, Inc.

California State Certified Family Law Expert Amy Neshanian has been successfully advocating on behalf of clients in child support matters for almost 17 years.

A skilled negotiator and experienced litigator, Irvine Child Support Attorney Amy Neshanian works vigorously to preserve and protect her clients, while remaining mindful of the best interests of the children.  

A highly proficient Child Support Lawyer, Ms. Neshanian fights earnestly on behalf of her clients, and possesses the requisite expertise to obtain efficient and effective resolutions.  .  

Contact The Neshanian Law Firm, Inc. at (714) 973-2600 to schedule a confidential, in-depth consultation with one of the region’s leading Child Support Attorneys.

Ms. Neshanian will meet with you to fully explain how the court calculates Child Support, including a comprehensive review of the factors that the Court takes into account when making a determination of support.

At this time, Lawyer Amy Neshanian will utilize the computer program used by the Courts when setting child support to provide you with a preliminary figure based on the information that you provide.

Proudly representing clients in and around the region since 2002, Irvine Child Support Lawyer Amy Neshanian has earned a reputation for excellence throughout the local legal community. A firm believer in maintaining excellent client communications, all emails and phone calls will be answered promptly, and we will keep you apprised of the status of your case.

Child Support Attorney in Irvine

California Child Support Laws are based on the premise that both parents are equally responsible for contributing to the support of their children, and that they should enjoy the lifestyle that each can provide.

The parties may stipulate to the amount due and payable for child support, however guideline deviationIrvine Child Support Lawyer Amy Neshanians are only allowed under highly limited circumstances.

Irvine Child Support Attorney Amy Neshanian offers legal counsel and representation in all child support proceedings, including the following:

Ms. Neshanian is a Family Law Expert and has a thorough understanding of how Child Support is calculated.  

Because California’s statutory child support guidelines are extremely difficult to interpret, it is critical that you retain an intelligent, expert Child Support Lawyer who possesses an exhaustive knowledge of each and every factor that is utilized when the Court sets a support obligation.

Failure to do so may result in an amount that is either too high or too low, because a less experienced attorney may not necessarily understand the impact that the following may have on a Child Support order:

In addition to earnings, the following expenses must also be taken into account for an accurate Child Support Calculation:

Due to the fact that Irvine Child Support Attorney Amy Neshanian possesses a comprehensive understanding of California’s child support guidelines, she will fight to ensure that her clients receive the most beneficial outcome possible.

Call an Irvine Child Support Lawyer Today for a Consultation

A compassionate and knowledgeable Irvine Child Support Attorney, Amy Neshanian provides the highest level of legal representation to clients throughout Orange County and other areas of Southern California.

Contact The Neshanian Law Firm, Inc. to schedule a consultation with Lawyer Amy Neshanian for answers to all of your Child Support questions and learn how she can put her knowledge to work for you.

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