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Welcome to the NThe Newport Beach Neshanian Law Firm of Eric and Amy Neshanianeshanian Law Firm, Inc. Aliso Viejo Family Law Lawyer Amy Neshanian is a California State Board Certified Family Law Specialist who has been assisting clients with a wide variety of Family Law matters for nearly 17 years.

Aliso Viejo Family Law Attorney Amy Neshanian is devoted to working with clients to identify and address their primary objectives. She aggressively advocates and assists clients in achieving the best possible outcome.

If you have decided to file for divorce from your spouse, need to obtain an annulment, have a child custody, visitation or support related issue that has to be resolved, or want to modify an earlier court judgment, Aliso Viejo Family Law Lawyer Amy Neshanian possesses the skills necessary to resolve your matter in a timely and efficient manner.

Please contact The Neshanian Law Firm, Inc. and Aliso Viejo Family Law Attorney Amy Neshanian today at 714-973-2600 to make an appointment with a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer for a confidential consultation.


During your consultation, Ms. Neshanian will thoroughly review your concerns and goals, and will provide an honest and in-depth legal analysis and case strategy of your matter.

Family Law Representation in Aliso Viejo

At the Neshanian Law Firm, Inc., Aliso Viejo Family Law Attorney Amy Neshanian has extensive experience representing clients in resolving a wide variety of Divorce and Family Law issues, including the following:

Divorce – Contested and uncontested divorce hearings, dissolution of domestic partnerships and high asset complex divorces.

Annulment – Legal nullification of marriage based on duress, fraud, incapacity or age.

Child Custody – Legal custody, joint custody, parental relocation and child support modifications.

Child Support – Initial determination of support, child support enforcement representation, modifications and determination of back child support.

Child Visitation – Parenting timeshare plans, visitation disputes, grandparent’s visitation rights and parenting plan modifications.

Divorce Mediation – Divorce settlements, spousal support disputes, property division, mediation of child custody and support.

Domestic Violence – Temporary protective orders, permanent protective orders, defending against protective orders and renewal of protective orders.

Legal Separation – Legal separation in lieu of divorce, separation pending meeting California residency requirements for divorce filing, property division, separation agreements.

Palimony – Enforceable contracts, either express or implied, between unmarried couples who are cohabitating.

Move Away – Parental relocation, modification of child support, visitation and custody based on parental relocation.

Paternity – Determination of parentage, defending against paternity proceedings, obtaining orders for support, visitation and custody.

Post Judgment Modifications – Change of previous court orders for child support, alimony, custody, property division and child visitation.

Prenuptial Agreements – Drafting and reviewing premarital agreements and postmarital agreements.

Property Division – Date of separation disputes, fair & equitable division of community property assets and debts, complex hidden asset disputes, separate property division disputes.

Spousal Support – Determination of alimony / spousal support, disputing issuance of a spousal support order, modification of prior spousal support orders.

Additionally, Attorney Amy Neshanian offers representation in modification proceedings for those seeking to change an order for child support, visitation, custody, and spousal support. Aliso Viejo Family Law Lawyer Amy Neshanian can represent you, even if she did not handle your initial matter or subsequent hearings.

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When you require effective legal counsel and representation in a Family Law matter, please contact Aliso Viejo Attorney Amy Neshanian. Ms. Neshanian understands the toll that these cases take on the parties and their children, and strives to resolve your case as effectively and quickly as possible.

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