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Top Mobile Apps for Co-Parenting

Families who are going through a divorce can expect to face problems when it comes to coordinating parenting time and responsibilities. However, with the dawn of the tech age, co-parents can utilize their smartphones in ways that can make their lives easier and happier.

In this blog, you can find a list of some of the most top-rated co-parenting apps, organized based on ratings from both iPhone and Android users.


  • App Store: 4.8
  • Google Play: 4.4

Cozi is a free time management and organization app to help all families with scheduling, shopping, and coordinating for important appointments and events. Co-parents can benefit from this app’s features in addition to families that don’t have separated or divorced parents.

Cozi offers the following features:

  • A family calendar for scheduling appointments and events
  • To-do lists that you can track and share with others
  • Shopping lists you can organize and share
  • Recipes you can store and access to accommodate your family’s nutritional needs
  • A family journal you can use to document important events

Talking Parents

  • App store: 4.4
  • Google Play: 3.1

The Talking Parents app is geared specifically for co-parenting. The app offers its basic features for free, while users can access more features if they sign up for a premium plan at $5.99 per month. Furthermore, users can purchase individual features at prices ranging from $9.99 to $39.99 per feature.

With the Talking Parents app, you have access to the following features:

  • Secure messaging that co-parents can count on to help you coordinate on essential matters
  • “The Vault”—Talking Parent’s solution to private and secure data storage for families
  • An event calendar where co-parents can share events and appointments
  • A personal Journal to which the other parent does not have access
  • PDF & printed records that co-parents can refer to in the event a conflict or misunderstanding arises


  • App Store: 3.9
  • Google Play: 3.3

CoParenter was designed and developed with facilitating cooperation and coordination between co-parents specifically in mind. With legal professionals—including a retired family law judge—with experience in family law on the development team, the coParenter app provides co-parents with a useful tool for their personal lives and legal purposes.

Users have the option of signing up for a monthly plan at $12.99 per month, or an annual plan at $9.99 per month (billed as one $119.99 annual payment), or a “2x coParent” annual plan at $16.67 per month (billed as single $199.99 annual payment) so both co-parents can access the app.

Among the features that the coParenter app provides are:

  • Shared calendars that keep co-parents in the loop on important appointments
  • On-demand mediation that connects co-parents with live professionals who can help them resolve disputes
  • Tone-sensitive messaging that alerts parents on their use of potentially hostile language before sending
  • Parenting planning toolkits to help co-parents reach cooperative agreements
  • A records and evidence archive that co-parents can use to store and organize important files and documents


  • App Store: 3.7
  • Google Play: 3.5

The developers of the Fayr app set out to create a tool to make the co-parenting experience better for people. Also, Fayr has a team of advisors, which include a licensed family law attorney from Florida, as well as critically-acclaimed actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

People using the Fayr app can benefit from features such as:

  • Financial documentation to make tracking expenses easy for co-parents
  • GPS-verified location logs to make documenting the physical location of your children and the other co-parent
  • Time-sharing calendars that co-parents can use to help them stay compliant with court-ordered time-sharing terms
  • A messaging system that compartmentalizes conversations between co-parents and keeps a reliable record of communications
  • Parenting reports that automatically log the time a co-parent spends on certain things


  • App Store: 3.6
  • Google Play: 3.6

The team behind the development of the Truece app is comprised of people, each of whom has a personal connection to divorce. Truece users can choose between three subscription plans that provide additional features: a basic plan for free, an “enhanced” plan for $4.99 per month, and a “premium” plan for $8.99.

The Truece app has the following features:

  • Parenting time logs that provide a comprehensive record for custody and visitation history
  • Expense tracking to help co-parents share financial responsibility on certain expenses
  • A calendar that offers co-parents a flexible way to organize and document parenting time and appointments
  • A document archive that securely stores vital records and personal documents that both co-parents can easily access
  • Generated reports regarding various matters to help a co-parent’s legal team

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