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    “I could write a book on why Amy Neshanian deserves MORE than 5 stars but I will save the time and say that she is worth every penny.”
    I could write a book on why Amy Neshanian deserves MORE than 5 stars but I will save the time and say that she is worth every penny. I worked with another attorney previously and wish I would have found her sooner.  She is a force to be reckoned with. I would have hated to go up against her. More than happy she was my representation.
    - Kimberly T.
    “Amy was wonderful. She is caring, yet very good at her job.”
    Amy was wonderful. She is caring, yet very good at her job. She represented me after leaving a divorce attorney that I considered very unethical. My divorce involved two small children and she did a great job advising me on my rights and the laws, yet was always very conscious that I was on an extremely tight budget. In my situation, my ex had access to all of our accounts and I did not, so she let me make payments and really did her best to help keep my cost down. I was recommended to Amy from a very reputable family therapist that works heavily with Family Law trial cases in Orange County and after speaking to other lawyers, she is very well respected amongst her colleagues. I would strongly recommend her to anyone.
    - Stefanie C.
    “So caring, empathetic, helpful, and ethical.”
    “I would, and have, recommended her to anyone that is looking for an amazing attorney that will fight for you!”
    - Grace P.
    “Very effective and honest!”
    Amy is very professional and compassionate
    Very effective and honest. I highly recommend her.
    - Nazy M.
    “I am unbelievably thankful I found the Neshanian Law Firm.”

    I am unbelievably thankful I found the Neshanian Law Firm. From the beginning of my case to the end, both Amy and Eric were supportive, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable about the entire process. When it came time to go to Court, they were aggressive, but professional, enabling me to get a very favorable resolution. For anyone looking for excellent and professional attorneys, I highly recommend the Neshanian Law Firm.

    - Randy W.
    “If you are looking for strong representation in the court room, retain Amy.”
    If you are looking for strong representation in the court room, retain Amy. Throughout my contentious separation, up until the final judgment, she supported me in every way. Because of her knowledge and persuasive manner in front of the judge, she was instrumental in securing the best possible outcome for me in my dissolution.

    Getting divorced is an emotional process... and Amy was as the absolute BEST counsel to keep me level headed, informed, and grounded through this process. She is a straight shooter.

    I highly recommend Neshanian Law.
    - Allison T.
    “If you are ever in need of legal representation and are looking for someone that will fight for you, go with Amy!”
    “If you are ever in need of legal representation and are looking for someone that will fight for you, go with Amy!”
    - Eric S.
    “Amy and her team are true professionals.”
    Amy and her team are true professionals. Amy is honest and extremely fair. She is attentive and a great listener, and always seems to know how to appease and diffuse while always having your back. I've used her personally with much success and have referred many friends and clients to her, which speaks for itself, they too have been thrilled with her services. Don't hesitate to retain Amy and her team.
    - Lawrence S.
    “I highly recommend Amy for your family court issues”
    I highly recommend Amy for your family court issues. I have obtained her services on several occasions. Each time her and her staff were prompt and professional. She will work hard to get you the best possible outcome for your particular situation
    - Michael W.
    “Thank you Amy Neshanian for everything.”
    I was in an abusive relationship with a  man who was in law enforcement for 22 years.  I was thrown out of my home with my clothing and my car, i was a stay at home mom of 3 boys.  I was referred to Amy Neshanian by a friend.  She came highly recommended. I met with Mrs. Neshanian i explained my situation and she agreed to represent me. I was intimidated by my ex because he was in law enforcement. Amy assured me that it would be ok. After we met for mediation she was able to settle the case and get me spousal support and 1/2 of several retirement accounts. My ex tried to intimidate me and rIse his voice to me and Amy stepped in and put him in his place. I made the best decision by hiring Amy Neshanian and im so grateful for everything she did for me. Not only is she my attorney shes someone im eternally grateful for being a part of my life. Thank you Amy Neshanian for everything.
    - Regina H.
    “Ms. Neshanian and her staff have been very responsive, supportive and reliable.”
    Ms. Neshanian and her staff have been very responsive, supportive and reliable through the whole process of my difficult divorce. She is very fair with her fees and worth every penny! I am glad I was referred to her by a good friend and my divorce was done right! I would highly recommend her to everyone going through a divorce and wants great representation.
    - Debra Hammit
    “Highly highly recommend.”
    Amy and her staff are knowledgeable, responsive, and most important in an attorney in these sorts of affairs, understanding and empathetic. Highly highly recommend.
    - Robert C.
    “The Neshanian Law firm is absolutely the best.”
    The Neshanian Law firm is absolutely the best. The attorneys are companionate and understanding and extremely knowledgeable. The give amazing advice. Not only had a I used them with exceptional results, I have referred several friends (who have actually switched to The Neshianan firm) and have achieved the outcome they wanted. The attorney represent clients beyond my expectations. I highly recommend setting a consultation with the attorney as I feel very confident you will love who they are as a law firm. Full service firm with first class treatment.
    - Christopher G.
    - Jerry N.
    “The Neshanian Law Firm is very responsive.”
    The Neshanian Law Firm is very responsive and provided my husband and me excellent Customer Service in our Corporate Law Planning/Needs. I have also used them several years ago for a Family Law situation that was over and done ASAP because of them. There were no dilly dallys or paper pushing, just straight down to business, professional & empathetic listening skills were at a higher caliber with this Firm. The knew exactly what I needed without over explanation which was crucial as I do not have much time. I could trust them with my Business matters & not worry. I recommend them to anyone needing Attorney services.
    - Krystal W.
    “Amy Neshanian is a high caliber, compassionate professional with an incredible team!”
    Amy Neshanian is a high caliber, compassionate professional with an incredible team. She has an astonishing breath of knowledge about family law and gets great results. I highly recommend this law firm.
    - Dara V.
    “Amy has been one of the best Lawyers I ever had!”
    Amy has been one of the best Lawyers I ever had. She will fight for your interests and will care about your welfare.
    - Albert C.
    “Knowledgeable, compassionate and they get the job done.”
    Knowledgeable, compassionate and they get the job done. Her whole team is very respectful and capable.
    - Shayla C.
    “Amy was incredibly helpful for my case”
    Amy was incredibly helpful for my case, and made the process go very smoothly. Everything was very efficient to meet a tight deadline, and I was always given quick responses for any clarification required. I would absolutely recommend them to others.
    - McKinley S.
    “Thank you Amy !”

    We recently had the pleasure of working with attorney Amy Neshanian and her team, and I can confidently say that they exceeded our expectations.

    From start to finish, they provided excellent service and support, and I felt that they truly cared about our divorce case.

    Amy is a caring and beautiful person and she guides you from start to finish in a kind, down-to-earth and unique way.

    Her confidence and positivity are infectious and it is her dedication and most importantly, her knowledge and expertise is what makes her stand out as a great professional.

    I highly recommend Amy and the Neshanian law firm in Orange County, CA to anyone in need of legal services. She is truly dedicated to her clients, she is easily approachable and will work tirelessly to ensure the best possible outcome for their case.

    Thank you Amy !

    - Victoria S.
    “Would highly recommend for her services”
    Ms. Neshanian assisted me with my portion of the prenup for my husband and I. She proved to be knowledgeable from the get go and made sure the entire process went smoothly. Would highly recommend for her services.
    - Christina W.
    “I could not wish for better representation!”
    I worked with Amy, she is honest and sharp. Amy was caring and at the same time aggressive in the defense of her clients. You want her on your side! Not the other way around, if you know what l mean! She is very knowledgeable and will fight for you. I talked to many attorneys before picking Amy, and I’m glad l did. I could not wish for better representation!
    - De A.
    “Forever Thankful!”
    Amy and her staff were very professional with a touch of compassion in this difficult time, diligence to my case, prompt to give updates, Forever Thankful!
    - Veronica L.
    “I highly recommend Amy and the Neshanian Law Firm!”
    Amy and team were fantastic to work with from the minute I had my first consultation. It was an obviously challenging time in my life, and Amy and team listened to everything that was important to me, and set a game plan to accomplish what we set out to do. Amy was able to accomplish the finalization of the divorce and separation of assets with virtually everything that I was looking for in a very timely manner. Above all of that, the partnership that I felt from Amy team was exactly what was needed to help me get through this time. I highly recommend Amy and the Neshanian Law Firm!
    - Joshua G.
    “I am SO glad I listened to my instincts and went with Amy’s firm”

    I had a long complicated divorce with several challenging aspects needing to be addressed. Throughout my divorce journey, I had to change representation a few times before a close friend strongly referred Mrs. Neshanian.

    I am SO glad I listened to my instincts and went with Amy’s firm. She is extremely kind and compassionate (something hard to find in divorce attorneys), beyond professional, extremely patient with all my questions, and was thorough with explaining the best strategies that would yield to a quicker resolution.

    Jean-Paul who works the front desk was incredibly professional as well. He was prompt with his follow ups, friendly, patient, understanding and efficient. Final word to my experience with Mrs. Neshanian’s law firm is am so pleased with her professionalism and skill. Divorce for me, was one of the most debilitating experience I’ve encountered in my lifetime. Having the strong reliable skills that Amy and her team provided for me, made the transition more pleasant in an otherwise maleficent situation.

    - Julia D.
    “I highly recommend this law firm!”
    Dealing with a legal issue is a very stressful and confusing situation, figuring out the best legal representation adds an additional level of stress. When I met with Eric for my initial meeting, he had in great detail read all of my supporting documentation and was prepared with the best strategy for my situation. I highly recommend this law firm!
    - Brent B.
    “Thank you for your expertise”
    Attorney Neshanian and her team were very responsive, professional and personable in guiding and advocating for me in my legal matter. Should future needs arise I would not hesitate to use the firm again. Thank you for your expertise.
    - Cindi C.
    “Attorney Amy Neshanian is EXCELLENT!!!”

    Attorney Amy Neshanian is EXCELLENT!!!

    She is honest,compassionate, direct and dedicated. She is a specialist in family law, very knowledgeable and familiar with judges and different courts. She has very good connections with other professionals in the field and would go the extra mile to make the best out of any given situation. She upholds integrity and is personable. You only need to meet her once and after you will feel at ease. Amy Neshanian was very professional, laid out a strategy and helped me better understand what the process was going to be. I went into her office frustrated and confused but I left feeling confident and at ease. Amy Neshanian helped me during a very painful part of my life and made it more bearable. She was that one person who really was able to understand my position and therefore she knew exactly what needed to be done in order for me to be okay with the rest of my life. She always made herself available and her staff was very friendly and easy to work with.

    I reached out to Amy Neshanian by referrals. The fellow attorney who recommended Mrs Neshanian to me was once her opposing counsel that ‘lost’ the case. That tells you how good and well respected she is in the community .

    Thank you Mrs Neshanian for giving me my life back & for this I will always be grateful !

    - Lucy D.
    “She was very patient and kind”
    I reached out to Amy to finalize my divorce/child custody case. It had been going on for years and I wanted to to finalize everything as it had been going on way to long prior to meeting her. At my consultation she was very patient and kind, she made me feel very comfortable and seemed to genuinely care for me as a person. We were able to get everything finalized as she always respond quickly and kept on my case to complete it. Divorce is never a fun experience but I can say that having Amy on your side you will be in good hands. Her staff is great as well, they all work quickly and efficiently together.
    - Angelina L.
    “I highly recommend her”
    Amy Neshanian is the best OC family law attorney! As an attorney, I only hire the "lawyer's lawyer." Amy helped shepherd me through a complex and high profile dissolution. Amy is always available, knowledgeable and knows how to move a case forward. She is also a "stone cold killer" and is not afraid to go to trial. I highly recommend her.
    - Doug V.
    “I would highly recommend The Neshanian Law Firm”
    Mrs. Neshanian did a wonderful job representing me during a very difficult divorce. Her knowledge of the legal process and the ability to explain it to me was greatly appreciated. Furthermore, I was extremely impressed with her team in the office. Their ability to back her up while she was busy serving other clients is what takes this law firm to the premier level. I would highly recommend The Neshanian Law Firm if one was ever in need of a compassionate, caring and creative legal team.
    - Anonymous
    “I would definitely recommend the firm”
    The Neshanian Law Firm was very competent, responsive, professional and accommodating. Overall, I had a positive experience with Mrs. Neshanian and the folks that work for her. What I appreciated the most was the prompt and thorough communication and explanation of next steps in the process for my legal needs. I would definitely recommend the firm.
    - P.T.
    “I highly recommend the expert legal services of the Neshanian Law Firm”
    Amy Neshanian, Esq. was my counsel during my divorce. My divorce had international and business complications and Ms. Neshanian was able to help me achieve an equitable and fair divorce. I highly recommend the expert legal services of the Neshanian Law Firm.
    - Heriberto R.
    “Amy is/was a true professional”
    Reached out to Amy to mediate my divorce. She steered us through the many pitfalls and obstacles that come with such a difficult, complicated and emotional process. Amy is/was a true professional and was able to bring both parties to an amicable and swift resolution. Our divorce was finalized up in record time.
    - Anonymous
    “Thank you again Amy!”
    Really appreciate Amy's professionalism and expertise in preparing our prenuptial agreement. She was responsive and we were able to get it completed timely in collaboration with my fiancé's attorney. I would recommend her services to others. Thank you again Amy!
    - Bart K.
    “Love them!”
    Neshanian Law Firm have been my Attorneys since 2002. They are the best and would highly recommend both Eric & Amy..... Love them!
    - Shenea N.
    “I highly recommend her!”
    Amy is amazing, her team is extremely professional and I highly recommend her!
    - Irene C.
    “I truly appreciated Amy’s time”
    I truly appreciated Amy’s time and expertise in guiding me through a potentially complicated situation into one that was straightforward and on target. She listened, asked appropriate questions, and executed. Thank you!
    - Julia B.
    “Amy and her team are the BEST!”
    I highly recommend Amy Neshanian for anyone going through divorce or as in my case back in court after many years from the original judgement. I wish I had her back then. Amy is caring and understanding and gave me the support I needed during an overwhelming time. When I wanted to give up she was encouraging and her guidance got me to the finish line. I put my trust in her and am very pleased with the outcome. She was excellent in the courtroom. Knowledgable, responsive, dedicated and compassionate…Amy and her team are the BEST!
    - Megan Q.
    “Dedicated, compassionate and highly skilled”
    I had the privilege of working with Neshanian Law Firm during an extremely challenging divorce, and I can’t praise their expertise enough. From the initial consultation to the final resolution, their commitment to my case was unwavering. Amy and her team were dedicated to my case and showed exceptional legal knowledge, strategic thinking but also compassion. I felt supported through every avenue and even when the complexities of the case seemed insurmountable, Amy was there to guide me and ultimately achieve a successful outcome. If you are seeking a dedicated, compassionate and highly skilled divorce attorney, I wholeheartedly recommend Amy and Neshanian Law firm.
    - Jeff
    “They go above and beyond”
    Amy Neshanian and her team (Jenn the paralegal and Gian-Paul the legal assistant) are an amazing team that are skilled and capable of handling high conflict divorced; are honest and care for you and your children; and they go above and beyond for you. You will feel safe, protected and relived to have Neshanian Law Firm on your side through this difficult time. Don’t think twice about putting your future in their hands. You won’t regret it!
    - Sanaz D.
    “Very knowledgeable and capable”
    Amy was easy to work with and a very knowledgeable and capable attorney. She earned my trust and appreciation in handling a complex matter to a favorable resolution. Eric had to help out on some discovery and terrified the other side. We got sanctions awarded against the other side several times which helped to offset the attorney fees and costs.
    - Julie S.
    “Absolutely incredible lawyers”
    Amy and her team were absolutely incredible lawyers . I had a very messy case where my ex husband was violent and attempting to take custody of my kids . She got me a restraining order from him and it gave my family and I peace . He also attempted to come after me for money and she blocked his ability to get spousal support as well. She fights for her cases, she puts who whole heart into it . You can tell she cares which makes it so much easier day to day to also have a friend to lean on .

    She comes highly recommended and you are crazy not to use her!
    - Kenya R.
    “Expert representation”
    When choosing an attorney to represent you, you don’t want an attorney that makes you feel good. You want an attorney that will aggressively represent you. Neshanian Law Firm provides the highest level of professionalism and expert representation in even the most frustrating of cases while still providing you with a personal and and making the frustrating and difficult process more bearable.

    I would 100% recommend.
    - Will D.
    “Nothing slips by them”
    Very professional and organized. I was impressed with Ms. Nehanian's ability to fight hard while keeping a keen eye on the facts and the small details. This firm has a deep bench of talented professionals backing up Ms. Neshanian and nothing slips by them. You are in good hands with this team. They are also very nice people and easy to work with. I achieved excellent results.
    - Michael F.
    “10 stars”
    Amy is the best!!! She helped me get through my divorce with ease. I can't recommend her enough. Everyone in her office are readily available for any questions and very professional. During the process there was always great communication and compassion. 10 stars :)
    - Former Client
    “Exceptional professionalism”
    I highly recommend Amy Neshanian's law firm for family court services. Ms. Neshanian and her team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and responsiveness throughout the process of adjusting my child visitation schedule. Their commitment to detail, coupled with a genuinely caring approach, made a challenging situation much more manageable. I appreciated the clear communication and timely updates, reflecting their dedication to client satisfaction. Choosing this firm for family court services is a decision I'm grateful for, and I believe others will benefit from their expertise and compassionate guidance.
    - Rob O.
    “Recommend them without reservation”
    The Neshanian Law Firm made me feel comfortable and at ease with my legal ordeal. They were very transparent and gave great counsel during my time of need. I would highly recommend them without reservation.
    - Mr. A.