Can I Date During My Divorce?

Now that your marriage is technically over, you probably think this is the right time to reenter the dating pool and find love again. Companionship is an essential part of life for many of us, so it is only natural to want a new partner with whom you can share your life. Unfortunately, dating before your divorce is finalized is a risky proposition and it can negatively impact your life in numerous ways, so you should hold off on finding new love until after your divorce is finalized.

The Risks of Dating Before Your Divorce is Finalized

It probably seems unreasonable to ask divorcing spouses to postpone dating when their marriage is over in almost every sense of the word. However, you likely have a lot on your plate right now and throwing dating into the mix can further complicate this emotionally taxing experience, especially if you have children who need your attention and support.

Moreover, regardless of who filed for divorce, seeing your spouse date so soon, before the process is even finalized will hurt. It might even stir up feelings of distrust, preventing you from hashing out an amicable agreement. No one wants their divorce to drag on longer than it should, so save yourself some time by not creating unnecessary tension and hostility during an already tumultuous process.

Here some other reasons why you should avoid dating until after your divorce is finalized:

  • It can affect your child custody arrangement: If you find a new partner and bring him or her around the children, it can impact your custody and visitation arrangement, especially if he or she has a criminal record. Even if your new partner has a clean record, your former spouse might be less willing to compromise on an arrangement for fear of being replaced.
  • It will impact your relationship with your children: Your children are going through a difficult time and need all the attention you can provide. If you are dating or seeing someone new, you will not have enough time for them, given everything else that is on your plate. Between the divorce, your job, and your kids, you will not have much spare time to dedicate to a new relationship. Something will ultimately fall by the wayside.
  • You need to deal with your emotional needs: Whether you are willing to admit it or not, you are probably not ready to date so soon after pulling the cord on your marriage. Ending a marriage takes a toll on a person and you should work through these emotions before you invite someone new into your world. You do not want to repeat any of your past mistakes.

Take some time for a little introspection and end your marriage the right way before you embark on something new.

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