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How to Have a Positive Interaction When Your Ex-Spouse Calls


Do you hate whenever you have to interact with your ex-spouse? Whether you have unresolved issues with your relationship or disagree about sharing custody of your children, you need to learn how to comfortably interact and productively communicate to make things easier on yourself and your family. Consider the following tips the next time your ex-spouse starts to get under your skin.

Be Mature

This can be hard if you feel your ex constantly oversteps boundaries or doesn’t acknowledge the pain they have caused. Try your best to keep emotions out of it and avoid raising your voice. At the very least, remain objective.

Keep the Conversation Light

Don’t drag up old arguments or waste time trying to convince your ex-spouse that they were the one at fault for the marriage ending. Blaming your ex will only uncover more trauma, so avoid it and focus on your future happiness instead.

Focus on Finding Solutions

If your ex calls regarding a problem that impacts you, try to get them to talk about solutions and what you can do together to work through it.

Enforce Clear Boundaries

Before you start a conversation with your ex-spouse, decide how long of a conversation you are willing to have and stick to it. Only talk about the matters you want to cover. Don’t let your ex blame you for things that happened in the past and don’t re-engage in the conversation if they break the boundaries you establish.

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