Can I Modify Child Custody?

There are many reasons why parents may wish to modify their child custody after a divorce. Your living situation may have changed, your children may have different needs, or you might need to relocate. Whatever the reason may be, you can petition the court by filing a request to modify child custody. For a judge to grant this request, you must prove that circumstances changed significantly enough to warrant the modification and that these changes will serve the best interests of your children. Stability and consistency are paramount in the life of a child, so these modifications are not made lightly. Be sure to hire an experienced family law attorney to assist you.

Modifying Child Custody

If you are on relatively good terms with your ex-spouse, consider having a discussion about modifying the court order. Although it is possible to work out an agreement, however, you will still need the court’s approval. A judge must deem if your new agreement serves the best interests of your children.

If you cannot agree to a modification of your child custody order, you can take the issue to court where a judge will determine if your request should be granted.

Below are some situations in which a judge may grant a request to modify child custody:

  • You believe your child’s environment is no longer safe due to abuse or neglect
  • You plan on relocating to pursue new opportunities, such as a job, or to be closer to family
  • Your former spouse refuses to comply with the visitation schedule
  • One or both of your schedules changed, making it difficult to comply with the current schedule
  • Your child has different needs that would be better addressed by a modified custody agreement
  • Your former spouse failed to adequately care for the child

You cannot simply stop comply with your child custody order. If you wish to modify it, you must get the ball rolling on it by going through the right legal channels. Our legal team can provide the exceptional legal guidance you need.

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