How to Dress for Your Family Court Hearing


Whether you are in a family courtroom to finalize a divorce or obtain custody of your children, you must understand that first impressions matter. The judge, the courtroom personnel, and everyone else will first examine your overall appearance before you say a word. 

In general, men and women should wear conservative and professional business attire. In order to respect the judicial system, you need to dress in a dignified and discreet manner. 

How Men Should Dress to Family Court 

Men should wear a dark- or neutral-colored suit that properly fits, nothing too loose or tight. If you do not own or otherwise possess a suit, you can wear a white or light-colored dress shirt, a tie, a blazer, ironed slacks, a leather belt or suspenders, and dress shoes. 

How Women Should Dress to Family Court 

Women should wear a dark, non-patterned dress, business suit, or pants suit. Other options include a conservative blouse or long-sleeved shirt, long skirt or slacks, and dress shoes, flats, or pumps. 

Do’s & Don’ts 

As you can see, you need to appear neat and professional. Not only does your appearance depend on your clothes, but also your hair, hygiene, and overall look.  

Before coming to court, ensure you take a shower, brush your teeth, apply deodorant or perfume, and avoid smoking or drinking alcohol. It is wise to schedule a haircut or hair appointment before your court date to ensure your hair is neatly groomed and/or dyed in a natural tone. 

Do not overdo your makeup or wear too many accessories before appearing in court. Although tattoos have become more widely accepted in the workplace and other venues, you should cover your tattoos as best as possible. 

The following are several types of clothes you DO NOT wear to court: 

  • T-shirts 

  • Tank tops or sleeveless shirts 

  • Short skirts 

  • Crop tops or spaghetti straps 

  • Sundress or strapless dress 

  • Athletic or exercise attire 

  • Shorts 

  • Jeans 

  • Hats 

  • Sneakers 

  • Sandals 

  • Sunglasses 

At The Neshanian Law Firm, Inc, we can advise you on how to dress for your court appearance. Additionally, we can also provide tips on courtroom etiquette to ensure your hearing goes well. 

If you are interested in filing for a divorce or dealing with a family matter in Irvine or Orange County, call our firm at (949) 577-7935 or complete our online contact form today to schedule a confidential consultation. Our lawyers are fluent in English and Armenian. 

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