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Irvine Paternity Lawyer Amy Neshanian

The Neshanian Law Firm, Inc. and Irvine Paternity Attorney Amy Neshanian has nearly 17 years’ experience protecting and preserving the rights of individuals embroiled in Paternity matters throughout Orange County.

A highly experienced negotiator and litigator, Ms. Neshanian is a California State Certified Family Law Expert who has devoted her career to helping individuals resolve their Divorce and Family Law related matters.

A knowledgeable Irvine Paternity Attorney, Amy Neshanian provides representation to women who want to obtain a Judicial Determination of Parentage, as well as men who are seeking to nullify the signing of a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity, putative fathers who were married to the child’s mother at the time of birth, and others who are challenging Parentage of the child or children in question.

When you require skilled, expert legal advocacy and representation in a Paternity dispute, contact Irvine Paternity Lawyer Amy Neshanian at (714) 973-2600 to schedule a consultation with an attorney who possesses an in-depth understanding of the laws pertaining to Paternity matters.  

When you come in for your confidential consultation, Ms. Neshanian will obtain the information needed to provide you with an honest case analysis and legal strategy.

A lawyer whose primary objective is to safeguard her clients’ best interests, Irvine Paternity Attorney Amy Neshanian will quickly respond to all client emails and telephone calls, and we will strive to keep you up to date regarding the progress of your case.

Paternity Attorney – Expert Legal Representation in Irvine

Parentage must be determined before a Family Court Judge has the legal authority to assign duties, rights and obligations to a child’s father. In accordance with State law, when a child is born during marriage, or within a specific time period after the termination of marriage via death, divorce or marital nullification, the husband is automatically deemed to be the legal father.

Regarding couples who are not married at the time of a child’s birth, if a Voluntary Declaration of Paternity (which may be rescinded within 60 days) was signed by both parties, the court must still formally establish parentage. After this legal requirement is met, judicial rulings may be issued regarding legal and physical custody, child support, and visitation rights. Irvine Paternity Lawyer Amy Neshanian

When paternity is in dispute, the court will order that the parties submit to a DNA test and will rule accordingly, either confirming parentage and assigning support, custody and visitation, or dismissing the action in its entirety.

Ignoring a Request to Establish Parentage summons that has been served upon you and failing to file an answer within the mandatory timeframe will lead to the issuance of a default finding of paternity, which can be exceedingly difficult to have set aside or voided.  

If you have been served with notice of a Paternity action, it is vital that you hire a lawyer who possesses vast experience handling Parentage cases. Irvine Paternity Attorney Amy Neshanian has been helping individuals file for and defend against parentage matters since 2002.

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To obtain answers to your paternity questions, please complete our Paternity Case Evaluation Form and we will contact you.

For immediate assistance, call (714) 973-2600 to set up your appointment for a confidential consultation with Irvine Paternity Attorney Amy Neshanian.

The Neshanian Law Firm, Inc. is centrally located in Irvine, and represents individuals in a wide variety of Family Law matters throughout the region. Call today to learn how we can assist you with your legal matter.

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