What You Should Not Post on Social Media During a Divorce

Social media

If you are going through a divorce, the chances are you have thought about posting about it on social media. Whether that was to announce your divorce or get back at your soon-to-be ex-spouse by sharing private information, your thoughts probably went there. While it may seem like a good way to purge your feelings at the time, posting about your divorce on social media is actually a really bad idea. In fact, your lawyer will tell you to stay off social media entirely as it could impact your divorce proceedings. After all, anything and everything you say or post online can be used against you in divorce court. If you must remain on social media during this time, that is understandable. You should be aware of some pitfalls though and what to avoid. Here are some things you should not post on social media during a divorce: 

Intimate details about your divorce

Keep the intimate reasons about your divorce off of social media. It can be tempting to vent about your relationship online, but doing so could really hurt your spouse's feelings. And a hurt spouse is much more likely to challenge you in a divorce. When it comes to announcing your divorce, speak with your spouse before announcing it on social media platforms. Maybe you want to do this together, or maybe you want to keep these private details about your life off of the internet. 

Photographs of you with your new boyfriend/girlfriend

If you had an extramarital affair and post about it on social media, this information could be used against you in court when the judge is determining child support and spousal support. Additionally, it is just not the nice thing to do to your spouse. 

The same goes for a new boyfriend or girlfriend on social media. Do not show off this new relationship as your spouse will view it as disrespectful. 

Negative comments about your spouse

Would you want to negotiate with your spouse if he/she decided to badmouth you all over the internet? Avoid speaking badly about your spouse online and seek out other outlets, like speaking to a therapist. 

Incriminate yourself 

If you decided to spend excess amounts of your spouse's money before getting divorced and showcased this all over social media, you are incriminating yourself. Those photographs can be used in court to show that you purposefully wasted marital assets. Do yourself a favor and do not share any photographs of you going on shopping sprees or buying a new car if you think you will be getting divorced soon. 

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