What Not to Do During the Divorce Process

yelling at spouse on the phone

While every divorce is unique, there are basic tips on what you should and should not do while navigating the divorce process itself. Whether you are going through your first divorce or your third, we have compiled a list of suggestions to help make this time in your life a lot easier. Today, we are focusing on what to avoid while going through a divorce. 

Helpful Divorce Tips: What You Should Avoid 

Hiding information from your attorney 

Your attorney want to represent your best interests; however, he/she cannot do so if there is missing information. It is not a good move to surprise your lawyer in the middle of a divorce trial with a shocking truth such as the fact that you hid assets or have a problem with alcohol. This can destroy your credibility with the judge and negatively impact the results of your case. It will also harm the relationship you have with your lawyer. 

Posting rude or inappropriate information about your spouse online 

Attorneys will turn to social media to find evidence, so anything you share online may also be shared with the court. Also, if you badmouth your spouse online it is very likely he/she will not want to work through your divorce issues amicably. This could draw out your divorce, costing you time, money, and additional stress. 

Bursting out in an emotional fit in court

Yes, going through a divorce is extremely difficult, but divorce court is not the place to showcase your emotions. Your spouse could claim that you are mentally incapable of taking care of your children or that you have an anger management problem. Find a healthy outlet for your anger, such as doing some type of psychical activity.  

Bringing your new boyfriend/girlfriend to court with you 

This will not sit well with your soon-to-be ex-spouse and does not look good to the judge. The last thing you want to do is have a judge think you are trying to instigate some type of reaction out of your spouse. Additionally, it puts your new boyfriend/girlfriend in a very awkward situation. 

Increasing your debt 

Your budget will most likely change once your divorce is finalized, so it is best to spend wisely at this time. Get used to budgeting and speak to a financial advisor if needed. Do not spend frivolously just to upset your spouse. This could be considered wasteful dissipation and the judge takes it seriously when determining spousal support and child support. 

Refusing to see a therapist

When navigating a divorce, you will go through the five stages of grief. It would be helpful to speak with someone who can provide you with support. It will also stop you from asking your friend and family for advice, which may put some of them in an uncomfortable situation if they are trying to remain neutral during the divorce. 

Thinking you should be your own lawyer 

A lawyer knows much more than you do about state divorce laws and how to best represent you in court. Avoid making mistakes and needing to go back and modify them by hiring the right lawyer from the beginning. Your divorce agreement will impact your life and the life of your children for years to come. It is worth the money to consult with a knowledgeable lawyer who can support you through the entire process. 

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