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Irvine Divorce Attorney Amy Neshanian

Irvine Divorce Attorney Amy Neshanian provides knowledgeable representation to clients throughout the region in Divorce matters. A compassionate lawyer and experienced negotiator, Ms. Neshanian understands the fear and uncertainty that her clients are experiencing, and makes every reasonable effort to effectively and efficiently resolve your case through settlement negotiations.

However, if the other spouse refuses to enter into negotiations in good faith, fails to disclose assets, is unreasonable and uncooperative, or if there is a history of domestic violence in the marriage, Lawyer Amy Neshanian possesses the necessary litigation experience to fight and protect your best interests.

Please contact the Law Office of Irvine Divorce Attorney Amy Neshanian at (714) 973-2600 to make an appointment for a comprehensive consultation with one of the area’s leading Family Law Lawyers.

During your consultation, Ms. Neshanian will meet with you to obtain a clear understanding of your needs, concerns and goals, identify potentially contentious issues, and will review potential strategies that may be utilized to obtain a fair and just outcome on your behalf.

Dedicated to providing personalized, quality representation, Irvine Divorce Attorney Amy Neshanian will strive to ensure that you are fully informed as to all of your options and potential results, thereby enabling you to make intelligent and educated decisions.

Divorce Lawyer Representation in Irvine

California is a no-fault state, Under California law, parties may dissolve their marriage or domestic partnership solely on the basis of irreconcilable differences. It is no longer necessary to prove that one spouse engaged in illicit or wrongful activity to obtain a divorce. The term “irreconcilable differences” simply means that the spouses no longer get along with each other. Either party may end the marriage, even without the consent of the other.

The Law Office of Irvine Divorce Attorney Amy Neshanian represents clients in a broad range of Divorce and Divorce Related cases, including the following:Irvine Divorce Attorney Amy Neshanian

 An annulment may be granted when requested as long as specific conditions are met. For additional information regarding obtaining an annulment, please contact Irvine Divorce Lawyer Amy Neshanian by calling (714) 973-2600 to schedule a consultation and obtain answers.

If you and your spouse entered into a domestic partnership prior to marriage, it will be necessary to formally dissolve the domestic partnership in accordance with state requirements prior to filing for divorce.

Under California law, when seeking an annulment, dissolution of a domestic partnership or a divorce, at least one party to the action must be a state resident for six months prior to filing legal action.  

Contact Irvine Divorce Attorney Amy Neshanian for a Personal Consultation

Whether you wish to file an annulment, dissolve a domestic partnership, or obtain a divorce, Irvine Divorce Lawyer Amy Neshanian is here to help you and provide skilled, caring legal representation. Ms. Neshanian will guide you through the process and actively strive to ensure that your best interests are met.

Please complete the Family Law & Divorce Case Evaluation Form. Attorney Amy Neshanian will thoroughly review the information you provide, and you will be contacted to set up an in-office consultation.

For immediate assistance, call (714) 973-2600. Devoted solely to the practice of Family Law, Divorce Lawyer Amy Neshanian has been successfully representing clients who live in Irvine and the surrounding communities since 2002. A result-oriented Attorney, Ms. Neshanian will fight vigorously on your behalf and ensure that you receive the very best legal counsel and representation.

Call today to obtain answers to all of your Divorce & Family Law related questions.

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